In London alone over 400 firemen and women died between 1939 and 1945. Thousands more were injured physically or emotionally and carried the scars of their wartime service for the rest of their lives.

Not all who died were casualties of war but for those who perished in the line of duty Firemen Remembered is working to create a lasting memory in the form of commemorative plaques in places where deaths or injuries that later resulted in death, occurred.

It is difficult to imagine that places we pass every day are the sites of distant trauma and loss, yet such memories are potentially a very powerful and significant part of the spiritual and social history of the Capital. Unless these incidents are recorded now, we believe that the memories will fade and the nature of the sacrifices behind the names will be forgotten. Through research and commemoration we hope to locate these memories permanently in the communities to which they belong.


Old Palace School, Poplar

Henry Cavendish School, Balham

Surrey Music Hall, Blackfriars Road

Telegraph Inn, Putney Heath (Corps of Civilian Canadian Firefighters)

Trinity House, Tower Hill

Dod Street, Limehouse

Chelsea Old Church, Chelsea

Abbey Road Depot, West Ham

Gainsborough Road School, West Ham

Beckenham Fire Station, Beckenham Kent

Chelsea Fire Station, Kings Road

Lansbury Lawrence Primary School, Poplar

Tavistock Square, Euston

Athelstane Grove, Bow

Saundersness Road School, Poplar

Shoe Lane, Fleet Street

Woodstock Terrace, Poplar